Ways To Cope When Your Friends Are Being Mean?

Mean friends do have the potential to cause some serious problems in your life and should always be treated as frenemies. It is challenging stuff indeed to deal with mean friends as they can easily cause havoc on your emotions. When you have a mean friend around you which you can’t avoid due to one reason or another, it is better to develop certain strategies which are effective enough to deal with his antics. Keep following the details and learn some essential ways to cope with your mean friends.

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  1. Assess The Situation Properly – When you have the spare time or when you are along, it is always nice to note down the bothering things that your mean friend does to you. It is always nice to plan strategies for how to cope up and find out certain ways to improve your relationship. If you are not able to find out exactly what thing of your friend bothers you, better is to discuss it with your other friends or the person that you trust most. Without any doubt, there will always be a way to get out of the issue. When you assess the situation properly, you will not make any wrong effort to hurt your relationship and mean friend will not become the cause of irritation.
  2. Learn to deal with your own emotions – Once you have identified the bothering things of your mean friend, you must learn the art of controlling emotions in order to avoid the trouble. It is nice to acknowledge the pain and learn the ways of dealing with the emotions in the best possible manner. If you are not able to acknowledge your own emotions, you will not be able to deal with them and these emotions will erupt in an inappropriate manner.
  3. Check out whether you need to confront or not? – Confronting your friend is not an easy task as it seems to be. Even, your friend will find it a lot difficult so before you take the final call to confront your friend, think twice. If you confront your friend for a petty issue, it might result in many more issues in the relationship. Dealing with a mean friend demands the cool head of your shoulders. If the situation can be avoided, just get away. Yes, if you are having a huge problem just convey to your friend and let things happen.
  4. Learn To defend yourself – If your mean friend hurt you badly, you must let him or her aware of those comments. In the beginning, you can reply with a casual comment in order to show his or her comments are bad and hurtful. If he or she still continues with similar mean behavior, better is to become serious and convey your feelings with some harsh words.

It is hard to say we will not have a mean friend in our life but when you learn the above-mentioned ways, you can easily cope up with them for a long time.

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