There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but it may surprise you to find out that there is such a thing as a free pet sitter. Well, unless you count the cost of letting them stay in your home while you’re away. These New Yorkers all come from different walks of life, and all […]

High-tech dog walkers Swifto just got deep in dog poop. Well, poop alerts I mean. The high-tech dog walking company based in Williamsburg previously offered realtime GPS tracking of their dog walkers and dogs. This peace of mind is a great way that dog walkers can offer valued added services in this competitive New York City business. […]

As covered before, dog walkers do not need a license or certificate from New York City, New York State or the Federal Government. But they are still treated as a business and must organize their operations as such. This means being a self-employed sole proprietor, working in a partnership, registering as a LLC, or incorporating as […]

Do you need to do anything special when walking a dog at night in New York? Mostly, no. There are a few good precautions to take and tips to know though. Always, always, always use a leash when walking a dog outside, specially in the dark. Looking for a black lab in a dark park would not […]

Looking to travel with your dog this holiday season? Here are a few tips about having a safe and comfortable trip outside of New York. Every airline will have different rules about dogs and traveling in the airplane. It is safe to say that anything that can’t fit in a purse cannot go with you […]

Here are some frequently asked questions about dog walking and New York City and State. This is not legal, official or maybe even current and correct. Always speak to a legal or business professional about your questions. Q: Do I need a license or certificate to have a dog walking business? A: No. Dog walking […]

So you finally started your dog walking business, but you don’t have any dogs to walk? New York is filled with thousands of dogs, and thousands of dog walkers. The competition is big and most clients are not won because of a cheap price, but because of customer service and marketing. Customer service is important to keep clients, […]

Hurricane Sandy just hit New York City and left a disaster in her aftermath. This led to thousands of New Yorkers seeking refuge in emergency shelters. And some came along with their pets. YES, you can bring your pets with you to a shelter in the case of an emergency. in 2006 Congress passed the […]

New York has been through one of the most devastating storms in recent American history and the impact has been widespread. From coastal flooding, loss of power, downed trees, disrupted mass transit, and the loss of life, we have been though a lot through with storm. But after we give our thoughts and wishes to those severally and permanently impacted, […]

In New York, you either hire an individual dog walker, or you hire a dog walking company. As mentioned in previous posts, each has their pros and cons. But a major factor to consider is that if you have an individual, you might be out of luck during holidays, weekends, and your dog walker’s ‘personal […]